Joey 30 Cart

Joey 30 Cart

Charge, store, secure and transport up to 30 mobile devices. An easy to use, compatible and secure design assures that you only pay for what you need. Only add the features you need – from optional Baskets to lock down kits – you can customize the Joey to best fit your deployment needs. Best of all, this multi device charging station is compatible with almost any device, so it is a smart choice for assuring the devices you have today and the devices you have in the future will be charged and secure.


  • Affordable with LocknCharge Benefits.
  • Charge, secure and transport 30 devices.
  • Eliminates time consuming wiring
  • Top loading design speeds up device deployment in class

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  • Compatible. The Joey 30 Cart can accommodate almost any device such as laptops, tablets, iPads or Chromebooks up to a 15″ screen size – with or without covers in the divider storage system. Click here for a device compatibility template.
  • Safe, efficient and a future proofed power management system for charging 30 devices at once. ECO Safe Charge™ can handle the power requirements of almost any device by staging the availability of power to each bank of devices.
  • Style meets functionality. The Joey 30 multi device charging Cart is a small-footprint cart that is easy to maneuver and features a top loading design so that devices can be accessed quicker, easier and by more users at once.
  • No more bending down to access devices on a bottom shelf. Our top loading Cart offers multiple access points that allow for quicker distribution of devices and assures no one has to bend down to get devices off the bottom shelf.
  • Secure. The Joey Cart, while an economical multi device charging cart, is still made with high quality steel and includes a padlock to assure that devices are secured when not in use. An optional anchor kit locks down the whole Cart for additional security. Easily switch your fleet of Carts from keyed different to keyed alike locks depending on your deployment needs.
  • Portable. Easily wheel the portable charging Cart where devices are needed on 5″ Casters. For extra portability, Baskets by LocknCharge can be purchased separately to assure devices can be safely and quickly distributed.
  • Eliminate Time Consuming Wiring. Cabinet style carts can take 2-3 times as long to wire compared to our top-loading design. A unique side channel system holds cables in place, while being easy to plug devices in. A separate compartment houses charging bricks to keep the device storage area neat.
  • Lightweight. Easy to maneuver and push through tight spaces makes the Joey Cart a nice upgrade from traditional bulky cabinet style Carts.


Height: 32.67 inches
Width: 25.39 inches
Length: 29.33 inches
Weight: 80.7 lbs (cart only)

Additional information

Weight 80.7 lbs
Dimensions 32.67 × 25.39 × 29.33 in