Vector Mount GoPro Vehicle Mounting Kit

Vector Mount GoPro Vehicle Mounting Kit

The VectorMount GO is one of the best vehicle mounting devices available. With the included 2X Conversion Kit, the VectorMount uses two GoPro cameras to grab the best footage from behind and in front of your car. The VectorMount is the preferred mounting kit of drift and track racers everywhere. The videos collected using the VectorMount have been used to improve driving technique, study the competitions driving techniques, and capture every moment.


  • Capture your driving adventure automatically as you drive
  • Natural airflow steer the camera using wind-vane style tail and wing
  • Adjustable slide weight uses centrifugal force to compose the shot
  • Modular construction allows for expansion and versatile set ups
  • Silicone inertia dampening system allows camera view to glide evenly
  • Two camera receivers allow multiple GoPro cameras to capture more action

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The VectorMount uses the power of centrifugal force to capture the best shots. As your vehicle moves forward, the camera mount points your GoPro HERO forward. As you turn, a slide-weight assembly kicks into action and causes the camera mount to swing, point the camera view into the direction of the turn. This advanced ability of the mount creates a dynamic view not captured by static automobile mounts.

Imagine having a camera crew on top of your car…that’s what the VectorMount is able to give you with its unique design. The VectorMount simply creates a richer, more complex video that will stun and wow video viewers.

Ideal Uses:

The VectorMount GO is great for any auto racing, drifting, or rally car sports. If it’s on four wheels and makes turns, this is the mount to have.

Compatible GoPro Products:

GoPro® HERO®, HERO2, HERO3, HERO3+ (White, Black, and Silver Editions) cameras

The VectorMount Package Includes:

  • Black VectorMount GO body assembly
  • Adjustable slide weight
  • Weather vane-style tail and wing
  • Tool kit with double-ended wrenches, hex wrenches and bubble level
  • Black VectorMount 2X Conversion Kit for GO
  • Black 2X tail tube for GO
  • Black 2X tail assembly (tail joint, wing tube, and screws) for GO
  • Black 2X second camera receiver and screw for GO


  • Black-anodized aluminum and stainless steel components for lightweight durability
  • Precision crafted and manufactured in the United States

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 45 in