Convergent Design 512GB Premium SSD for Odyssey 7, 7Q, 7Q+

Convergent Design 512GB Premium SSD for Odyssey 7, 7Q, 7Q+

For recording video files on the Odyssey7 or Odyssey7Q, Convergent Design Odyssey SSDs are required. All other SSDs will be rejected by the unit. They use a standard 2.5” eSata 2.0 interface to connect to a computer for offloading files, not included. Any off-the-shelf adapter will work, or, see also the USB3.0 Adapter.

All Odyssey SSDs are tested to perform to Convergent Design standards.  They will maintain the read/write speeds required for use in Convergent Design devices and do so throughout their product lifespan.  The Odyssey SSDs also contain a power protection circuit so that in event of a power loss during recording the SSDs will close out the current file to prevent corruption of the file or the SSD.

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Approximate Record Times

Assuming Quantity Two (2) 512GB SSD  (Max Capacity, Dual Drives)

Recording Format 24fps 25fps 30fps 50fps 60fps
Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) (10-Bit compressed 1080p HD) 670 644 580
2K/1080p HD Video (Uncompressed 10-bit DPX) 87 84 70
2K/1080p HD Video (Uncompressed 12-bit DPX) 74 72 70 42 35
ARRIRAW 16:9 100 97 80 46 40
ARRIRAW 4:3 (48fps top speed = 38 minutes) 76 73 60
Canon C500 Cinema RAW 4K 62 60 50 30 25
Sony FS700 2K RAW 200 192 160 96 80
FS700 2K RAW @ 120fps = 40 minutes
FS700 2K RAW @ 240fps = 20 minutes