VidaMount On-Wall Tablet Mount – 12.9-inch iPad Pro – Black

VidaMount On-Wall Tablet Mount – 12.9-inch iPad Pro – Black

Low profile on-wall iPad Pro 12.9″ enclosure with removable face plate / cover for fast, easy tablet access!


  • iPad/Tablet enclosure mounts flush to the wall.
  • Simple installation on any wall surface.
  • Tablet is accessible via snap-in removable cover.
  • Easy access to tablet power button with cover removed.
  • Fully compatible with VidaPower charging solutions.

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Craftsmanship is in the Details
Our On-wall iPad tablet enclosure is the perfect synthesis of form & function! At about 1/2″ [12mm] thick and zero wall clearance (no gap), its low profile design will look great in any environment. The removable snap-on cover allows easy access to the enclosed iPad Pro 12.9″ – yet remains firmly in place, thanks to it’s snap fasteners. Every piece is precision honed from a solid piece of high strength polymer – not molded or formed – for uncompromising strength and outstanding aesthetics.

Customize It!
From company logos to fancy wood finishes, or glossy highlights to embossing – our durable customizations help blend any enclosure into your home or office, or enhance branding for your business. Add this affordable option to truly make these enclosures your own! Click here to learn how to customize your own unique enclosure!

Snap-on magentic cover
We understand that at times, getting access to the enclosed iPad tablet is required. Maybe the tablet needs to be rebooted, or the tablet needs to be removed all together. Our iPad / tablet mount makes this easy! The cover is held firmly in place via our precision fitted magnets – yet is easily removed with a minimal amount of force.

No Wall Cutout Required
What would you rather do: Make a huge rectangular cutout? Or, drill four holes in your wall? (We are guessing drill four holes!) Luckily, that’s all we’ll need to do to install our iPad tablet on-wall mount. This means you can mount our enclosure on any surface – be it drywall, masonry, or tile – easily!

Competing In-wall enclosures require big cutouts – making their installation more complicated, and require placement between wall studs – forcing placement to be less than ideal. (Besides, who knows what’s hiding behind that wall anyway? We would rather not find out!)

Portrait or Landscape
Sometimes, certain apps such as meeting room scheduling or reservation software are locked to a landscape orientation. Maybe the time card or “check in” app we’re using is designed for a portrait view. No worries! Our iPad Pro 12.9″ enclosure can be mounted in portrait or landscape orientations.

Tablet Accessibility
We’ve made it easy to get access to the iPad Pro 12.9″ at any time. The removable snap cover makes this fast. The mount itself allows access to the tablets power button without having to physically remove the tablet – handy in cases where the tablet needs to be restarted.

Low Profile Design
It’s all about the looks! That’s why we have designed this enclosure with a low profile that measures about 1/2” [13mm].

Keep the power on!
Sometimes your project needs to be where electricity isn’t, so we offer advanced USB charging solutions to supply power from A/C outlets as far as 600′ away! Using technology to carry low voltage power through Ethernet (CAT5) cables, our charging solutions will make sure that power for our iPad® / Android tab is where we need it.

Start with a VidaPower Power Injector or PoE Switch near the A/C wall outlet, & connect it to a Ethernet (CAT5) cable. Near the tablet, plug the CAT5 cable into our VidaPower “USB to CAT5” Adapter, then finally to a Lightning or MicroUSB cable. VidaPower provides a versatile, yet simple solution,
for bringing power from any outlet, to any iPad® or Android tab, any where! VidaPower CAT5 to USB Schematic

Manufactured in the USA
We design, engineer, and manufacture the VidaMount On-Wall iPad Tablet Enclosure / Mount right here in Long Island, New York. We know your tablet setup / project incorporates hundreds or even thousands of dollars in time, software and hardware – so we thought it would be best to build the best protection for your display…right here in the USA!

VidaMount On-Wall iPad Pro 12.9
14.04″ x 9.66 x 0.57


Base (White): Polypropylene
Base (All other colors): HDPE Resin
Cover (Brushed Metal): Acrylic
Cover (All other colors): Kydex
What’s in the box
VidaMount On-Wall iPad Tablet Enclosure / Mount
(4) 8-32 x 1 1/2″ Screws
(4) Hollow/solid wall anchors
(4) Foam Spacer (when required for tablet thickness compatibility)

Additional information

Dimensions 14.04 × 9.66 × 0.57 in